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Woodstook Area Tennis Association

RECENT EVENT:  Saturday September 10 2022 Ladies and Mens Singles tournament.  See page 2  for details.

Four free outdoor courts are available to any resident or visitor just South and West of the AYR Centre, at the McKinley Memorial courts, 145 Connell Park Rd, Woodstock, NB E7M 1M5.  Membership in WATA is not required.

Click on "LOCATION" link, far left, for a google map location of the McKinley courts.

Three indoor courts are available for anyone to rent at the AYR Centre, 105 Connell Park Rd, Woodstock, NB E7M 1M5   (506 325 4671).



Woodstock Area Tennis Association, located in Woodstock, NB, Canada

Fall 2022 Tournament Results


Tournament Results:  Fabulous sunny day.  Woodstock set a new record for the most competitors ever for a day of friendly competition.  17 devoted players (9 men and 8 ladies) competed for their respective singles crown.  Tennis participation in the area continues to increase.

JSt once agin solidified his spot at the top of the men's game, beating DP in the final.  Men's consolation won by DD.

NS did not drop a single set as she won all her matches to better JD, and became the new ladies champion.  JC won the ladies consolation.

Best effort recognition went to MD, and newcomer of the tournament was SAC (DV close second).

Donatins of winnings to Dave Dickinson's youth program amounted to an even $100.

Pictures are below, if anyone would like their picture removed just let me know.

Doubles tournament next Spring.

Dave and Dave





























































































Pre tournament info:  Hello Woodstock tennis enthusiasts.  Singles tournament Saturday September 10 2022 is definitely ON.  Separate draws for women and men.  Thank you to all who have shown an interest.  Should be a fun time.  Dave Dickinson to be the Emcee again

And welcome to our website, I am trying to generate some traffic to it so that google will be able to find "Woodstock Tennis Association" or "Woodstock Area Tennis Association".  So far, google doesn't seem to find us.


LOCATION:  McKinley courts in Woodstock, planning for NOW for 9 AM.  Previously we said 10 AM to allow the courts time to dry off in case of morning dew, however if some players need to stick with 10 AM that's fine we will save a spot for you.  Rain date Sunday.


Planning to have a format where each player is guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches.  We will try to seed players, where likely those seeds will go through into the main draw while the rest play in the consolation.


Entry fee is $10 per player, plus a new can of balls.  I have balls for $5 if you need them.  We can collect that Saturday morning, no need to forward  anything to me in advance.  All monies collected to be returned as prizes.   If you are not a member of our association, please join as we are trying to get our numbers up.  Scroll down this site to our "Membership" page.


Undecided is the format of the matches, this will likely be dependant on the number of players, and thus the number of anticipated matches per player.  Some thoughts are 2 sets with a 10 point super tiebreaker if necessary, or just a single super set to 8 games with a 7 point tiebreaker at 8 - 8.  Possibly no-ad scoring.  Open to suggestions. 

Players looking for opponents to practice with can send me an email, perhaps I can pair you up. 

There is a portable toilet there.

If you haven't already, please let me know if you intend to play



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Thursday June 2 Doubles Clinic with Tennis NB's Steve Wolfe.

The Woodstock Area Tennis Association hosted Steve Wolfe from Tennis NB.   Complimentary for Association members, this 2 hour clinic focussed on improving volley skills and positioning at the net.  Key points to take away were to:


1.  Turn the Shoulders, and


2.  Keep wrists fairly close together (about 20 cm or so).














Saturday May 28 Mixed Doubles Tournament


Five mixed doubles teams competed under beautiful skies as Dave Dickinson emceed a Sunday May 29 tournament.


Turn out was lower than previous tournaments, and entry fee had been set low in an attempt to encourage participation.  Still, donations of winnings to Dave Dickinson's you tennis program was 40% of total winnings.  JT and JD proved their prowess, winning all their matches to take top spot once again.  Though both challengers took them to a first set tie break, cunning overcame desire and the duo took top spot for their second Woodstock Area tournament in a row.


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Membership is open to all ages, though members under the age of 16 must have a parent's permission.  Dues are $10 for an individual, $20 for a family.  New memberships, and those purchased in 2021 are good until end 2022.  Please e-transfer to:

along with your full name and email address.  A cell number can be included too.  Official correspondence will be by emails, and/or via this site.  Non members interested in following the association can provide their email address if they wish to keep up to date on information.  Participation in an association program, event, or tournament will require a membership.  As of Aug 2022, 28 paid Members

Contact Info

Contact Information

Tyson Newman     Chairman

Jamie Kitchen    Vice Chairman

David Pullan   Treasurer

Jeff Tait    Secretary

Or inquiries can be made to:




Click on a marker to reveal name

Click on one of the pins for more info



At 6:30 PM on Wednesday August 11 2021, four tennis aficionados met at the AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, NB, to establish the Woodstock Tennis Association, WTA.  With members presently residing anywhere from Fredericton to Skiff Lake to Plaster Rock, the association is now known informally as the Woodstock Area Tennis Association, WATA, to better reflect our membership's area of inclusion. 

About WATA
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2021 News/Tournament

September 18 2021

Fabulous tennis day as 6 ladies and 8 men competed in Singles under warm sunny skies.  Donated prize money of $80 was raised for DD's childrens tennis program. JSt defeated JSi to take the Men's top spot.  DK won all her matches to take  top Ladies spot edging out JD in their round robin.  And newest Woodstock Tennis Association member KS won the ladies consolation.  The association gained 5 members today and now has 19 paid members.  Please help us get our membership numbers up, players can join for $10.  Next tournament Spring 2022.

August 14 2021

Tennis tournament update, 9 mixed teams competed in sweltering temperatures and intense sun.  By early afternoon the finals for the main draw and consolation rounds commenced in conditions favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms, and the matches were not concluded before the arrival of strong wind gusts, large hail, and heavy rainfall. (OK, there was no hail).  The scores indicated some clear favourites though.  J & J were awarded as champions for the main draw  and S & D for the consolation.  Congratulations to all who competed and looking forward to seeing you all on the courts.  Dave and Dave.

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